• Attractions and Shopping

    511 is just a short walk away from Óvalo Miraflores, a centric and busy location that connects you to Parque Kennedy,a cultural and ecological park which hosts the City Hall and the Virgen Milagrosa Church, built in 1939 by a famous Peruvian architect. Parque Kennedy offers numerous attractions: from traditional Peruvian food served in carts and kiosks, to the Paseo de los Pintores where you can take a look at the work of local artists, to the Chabuca Granda amphitheatre, where you can dance along to folklore music on the weekends or laugh with the Cómicos Ambulantes, our famous stand-up comedians.

    Leading to the park is Av.Larco, a 12 block street full of local boutique shops, cafés and casinos. At the end of this avenue is theLarcomar Mall, an entertainment complex with a beautiful ocean view. Another main tourist street is Av. La Paz, with many shops specializing in antiques and jewelry. If you are looking to buy crafts, the market in Av Petit Thouars offers handmade crafts and fabrics from all regions of the country.

  • Gastronomy

    Miraflores is the culinary district by excellence in Lima. There are hundreds of restaurants and eateries offering a taste of an exquisite variety of Peruvian food for all budgets..

  • Sports and outdoors

    Whether you enjoy a nice bike ride along the boardwalk and its beautiful parks, or you like to experience the adrenaline of gliding through the skies, this area and its surroundings are the perfect place to practice multiple sports and activities like skating, soccer, tennis, jogging and the most popular of all: surfing.

    The beaches in Miraflores are very attractive for practicing surf. There are five different beaches along the coast, MAKAHA , WAIKIKI and REDONDO are apt for begginers, PAMPILLA and PUNTA ROQUITAS are for more skilled surfers.

  • Culture

    Miraflores, also known as Ciudad Heroica or (heroic City) as a result of the Battle of Miraflores fought during the War of the Pacific, has a rich history and cultural wealth. Numerous parks, art galleries, libraries, theaters and museums are among the district´s cultural offer.The Huaca Puccllana, a pre-colombian arqueological complex, is one of the few ancient ruins still left in the city of Lima and it is a symbol of the city´s ancient patrimony blending in with its modern architecture and infrastructure.

  • Miraflores Nightlife

    Just minutes away from an array of popular bars and trendy night clubs, Miraflores is known as the liveliest night district in Lima. Barranco, with its bohemian bars and live music offer, is another option nearby.